June 3, 2018

Educational Evaluations

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®-Third Edition (WIAT®-III)

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®–Third Edition (WIAT®–III) helps assess academic strengths and weaknesses, covering 8 areas specified by IDEA.

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals®, Fifth Edition

The CELF®-5 is a multiperspective assessment process to pinpoint a student’s strengths and weakness in language skills needed for success in the classroom.


These tests are used to:

  • Identify the academic strengths and weaknesses of a student
  • Inform decisions regarding eligibility for educational services, educational placement, or diagnosis of a specific learning disability
  • Design instructional objectives and plan interventions
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)
  • Evaluation Team Report (ETR) creation and/or renewals