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New For SChOOL Year 2020-2021

Starting in August, we will be in our new Academic Learning Services office building. At our new location we have large rooms with the option to expand the size of the rooms. We are prepared for blended learning, too!

Morning Options

Monday-Thursday 9-12:00 or Tuesday & Thursday 9-12
Core instruction and Intervention services in Language Arts (Reading, Comprehension, Writing) and Math

Afternoon options

Monday-Thursday 12:30-3:30
Speech & Language services, Intervention services, Social Skills groups, Executive Functioning classes, Creative Writing Workshop classes

Why academic tutoring

Experienced, personal, professional and dedicated staff  

  • Knowledgeable of learning differences
  • Implementation of best practices and learning strategies
  • Proven record of helping students learn and gain confidence

Let's start the Process

Please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

  • Review of child's records and reports
  • Develop an individualized learning plan
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting on progress